News from Sandy Pasley


Cor Unum -
'One Heart, One Mind in the Heart of Jesus Christ'

News from Sandy Pasley

At our recent Senior Prize giving, we were delighted to welcome back our alumna Helene Quilter (nee Syben).

Helene had not been back to the College since she left in the 70's. For her, the memories came flooding back as she walked around the school grounds. Since she has left the College, she has had a very successful career in public service. Currently, she is the Secretary of Defence and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Defence.

Being the first female to hold this position is no mean feat. How special for our College, and inspirational for our students, to connect with someone of her standing whose education at Baradene was instrumental to the formation of her values and interests!

Helene’s message to the girls was
“Aspire to achieve and lead and have the confidence to back yourself”.

Our current goals as a school:

  • To be a community of Faith

  • To strive for academic excellence

  • To value and believe in the importance of co-curricular involvement

  • To prepare our students to engage in the future with confidence

These are no different to the goals of the Baradene College of the Sacred Heart when Helene attended. Encompassing these goals is Madeleine Sophie’s dream – the founding of the Society of the Sacred Heart “for the sake of one child”. We strive to honour that dream and provide a nurturing and challenging environment for every student in the hope they will embrace the future with confidence and continue to value their links with our community.

Kind Regards

Sandy Pasley (Mrs)